Sunapee voters approve $975,000 for new library

Voters in Sunapee yesterday approved a $6.065 million town budget and all town warrant articles including Article 11, to borrow $975,000 to help build a new library. The article for the library required a 3/5th vote; it passed by 12 votes, 601-380.

AbbottLibraryvotesign_CCThe proposed $2.7 million library, to be built next to Sunapee Center on Sargent Road, will be funded by a mix of private (60%) and public funds (40%), according to the library’s funding plan.

Voters also passed a school budget of $10.7 million and all other school warrant articles except one. A request for $270,000 to improve and expand the art room at the high school failed, 533-413.

In the selectboard race, incumbents Fred Gallup (697) and Emma Smith (515) defeated challenger Veronica Hastings (362) for two, three-year terms. This was the only contest in town this year.

Michael Ripley and Brian Garland were elected to return to the Sunapee school board for three-year terms.

See the 2013 town and school ballot results via the town website.

Sunapee School District: On the bulletin board

School calendar notes

March 12, 2012 – Sunapee Middle High School Winter Sports Awards at the SMHS Gym, 6 p.m.

March 14, 2012 – Sunapee School Board meeting, Sunapee Middle High School (Media Center), 7 p.m.

March 14, 2012 – Sunapee Parent Teacher Organization meeting, Sunapee Central Elementary School library, 6:30 p.m.

Voting and Election Day is March 13

Election Day and the second session of Town Meeting to vote on school (and town) warrants is Tuesday, March 13. The polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Sherburne Gym, Route 11.

The  school district’s Annual Report, which lists this year’s warrant articles, is now available at various locations around town and on-line at the SAU 85 website.

Four candidates are running for the Sunapee School Board. The five-member board has one position, a 3-year term, up for election.

Meet the candidates for the Sunapee School Board – Sunapee News

Dedication honors Judy Trow

Judy Trow, vice president of the Sunapee School Board, is retiring from the board.

The school district dedicated this year’s Annual Report to Trow.

Beginning with her leadership roles as a student at Sunapee High School, continuing through 20 years of dedicated teaching in the Sunapee School District and now concluding many years of active and enthusiastic service as  a member of the school board, Judy exemplifies the spirit of the small New Hampshire town that has been her home for all of her life. –  Sunapee School District 2011 Annual Report

Hot off the press, Sunapee’s annual school report

A photo of the historic Blodgett House on Lower Main Street is on the cover of the school district's annual report. The renovated building now houses the SAU's business offices.

The Sunapee School District Annual Report (for the year ending June 2011) is now available.

Download the report at the SAU 85 website or here:

Sunapee School Report for year ending June 2011 – (PDF 3.2 MB)

This is the school district’s first independently published report. Prior years, the school and town reports were printed in one book.

Sunapee no longer mails annual reports to all Sunapee households. Reports are available on-line and at locations around town.

The school report is available at the following locations: SAU 85 Office (Lower Main Street), Town Offices (Edgemont Road), Sunapee Post Office (High Street), Abbott Lower (Route 11), Sunapee Transfer Station (as of March 2 – Avery Road), Pizza Chef (Route 11), Lake Sunapee and Sugar River banks (Route 11), and Jake’s store (Route 11, Georges Mills). And it will be available on Election Day, March 13, 2012, at the Sherburne Gym.

If you want the booklet mailed to you, contact Kathy Ward at the SAU 85, 603-763-4627 or, and give your mailing address.

Four in race for one Sunapee School Board seat

Four candidates are vying for one open seat on the Sunapee School Board.  Maria Fair, Michael Ripley, Paulette Rowell and Paul Skarin are seeking the three-year term. Other SAU 85 school district officers and candidates on the 2012 ballot are: Moderator (one-year term) – Harry Gale; Treasurer (one-year term) – Alan Doherty; and Clerk (one-year term) – open.

Town Meeting and Election Day is Tuesday, March 13, 2012, when Sunapee voters decide town and school district business. Sunapee is a  New Hampshire SB2 town, and held its deliberative sessions earlier in February. The warrant articles moved to the ballot at the deliberative sessions are provided here:

2012 School District Warrant (PDF – 106 KB)

2012 Town of Sunapee Warrant ( PDF – 106 KB)

The town warrant and ballot are also available via the town website (under Town News and Notices.)

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Sunapee Seniors plan for Valentine’s Day and Candidates’ Day

The Sunapee Seniors will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pot luck luncheon on Monday, February 14th at 12:00 noon at the Sunapee Methodist Church.  Lyn and Frank Gallup, Rose Batts and Lois Giblin are in charge of  arrangements, and “Capt. Al” Peterson will provide the musical entertainment.

Then, at the Seniors second meeting of the month on February 28th, the focus will turn to Town Meeting and Town Elections. The Sunapee Seniors are inviting all candidates for school and town offices to present their views and qualifications during their annual Candidates’ Day program. The meeting on the 28th will be held at the Sunapee Methodist Church, Lower Main Street, starting at 1 p.m. and will include a brief presentation of local warrant articles by town and school representatives.

All candidates interested in participating in the Candidates’ Day program are asked to contact Sunapee Seniors President Joe Internicola by February 18. Phone 763-1048 or email

Voting in Sunapee takes place on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Sunapee Seniors invite local candidates to speak

“The Sunapee Seniors cordially invite all candidates for Sunapee school and town offices to present their views and qualifications to our members and  all other interested Sunapee residents at our annual Candidates’ Day meeting on Monday, Feb. 28 at 1:00 p.m. at the Sunapee Methodist Church,” announces Joe Internicola, president of the Seniors.

“Each candidate is requested to limit his/her presentation to five minutes.  There will be time for questions and answers following each talk.”

All candidates interested in participating are asked to contact Joe Internicola by February 18. Phone 763-1048 or email

Also included in the Candidates’ Day program will be a brief discussion of town and school warrant articles by Donna Nashawaty, the Sunapee town manager; Brendan Minnihan, the Sunapee school superintendent; and Shaun Carroll, the school board chairman, says Internicola.

Light refreshments will be offered following the program.

The filing period has begun

The filing period runs from January 19 through January 28 for candidates seeking election to local town and school offices in Sunapee. Filing forms for town offices are available at the Town Clerk’s office and, for school positions, at the SAU office. School and town elections will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Sunapee town offices due for re-election are listed below and on the Town Warrant.

  • 1 Selectman – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Treasurer – 1 Year Term
  • 1 Fire Engineer – 4 Year Term
  • 1 Cemetery Commissioner – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Library Trustees – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Trustee of Trust Fund – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Planning Board Members – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Water & Sewer Commissioners – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 2 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 1 Year Term

The SAU office at 68 Main Street, Sunapee Harbor, has the filing forms for candidates running for school offices. During the filing period–today through January 28–the office will be open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunapee School District offices up for re-election are listed below and on the school warrant, which is posted in three locations in town (the school, school gym and town hall.  The SAU does not post the Sunapee School District Warrant on-line.)

  • 1 School Moderator – 1 Year Term
  • 1 School Clerk – 1 Year Term
  • 1 School Treasurer – 1 Year Term
  • 2 School Board Members – 3 Year Term

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