Winter hikes in the Kearsarge Sunapee area

From Mount Kearsarge, a winter view toward Pleasant Lake

The local hiking group, the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge (SRK) Greenway Coalition, is holding winter hikes that are open to the public free of charge. For the 2012 hike schedule go to:

Three hikes of moderate difficulty are scheduled for February.  On Saturday, February 4, the group will snowshow in the Wilmot Patterson Road area. Hikers will explore Tucker Mountain in East Andover on February 11. And on February 18, the outing will follow a trail from Route 4A to Wilmot Center over Bog Mountain.

“Hike leaders will offer full details for each event, including starting place and time and equipment needs,” according the SRK website. “Please contact the hike leader in advance to get the details” and to determine if the hike is suitable for your conditioning and capabilities.

SRKG winter hikes start January 15

Winter view: Mount Kearsarge toward Pleasant Lake

The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition is again leading a series of winter hikes in the Lake Sunapee region. The hikes are open to the public free of charge, and offer a variety of terrain and conditions. The hike schedule (listed below) includes snowshoe and cross-country ski events and a moonlight snowshoe outing over a forgiving three-mile course.

A snowshoe tour through Webb Woods in Sunapee on January 15 will kick off the 2011 hike schedule.

Hikes range from easy to difficult.

Hike leaders will offer full details for each event, including starting place and time and equipment needs. There is no cost to participants, except for personal food, equipment, and transportation to the hike site. Continue reading

Mink Hills to Mount Sunapee, Hike Hidden and Favorite Trails


Feel like getting out for a hike? The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition  and Forest Society in conjuction with the Warner Conservation Commission have hikes coming up. They are open to members and non-members alike.

The SRK Coalition continues a winter schedule of weekly treks.  “Be prepared with clothing layers, food, water and snowshoes,” said the SRK release. “And please call the hike leader at least the night before to learn starting location and time.”

For details for the SRK hikes and Forest Society wildlife tracking hike in the Mink Hills, Warner…. Continue reading

Winter Hiking and Geocaching to Dutchman Pond

The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge (SRK) Greenway Coalition is offering three winter hikes in January.  “Be prepared with clothing layers, food, water and snowshoes,” said a Greenway spokesperson. Participants are asked to  contact the hike leader at least the night before to learn the starting location and time.

  • January 16 (Sat) – Geocaching from Webster Pass to Dutchman Pond in Springfield. Bring a GPS unit, if you have one, or learn as you go, searching for 14 caches with Cynthia Bruss ( – 763-4570. 5 miles (Moderate)
  • January 23 (Sat) – An interpretive snowshoe hike to Star Lake in Springfield. Followed with hot chocolate with the leaders, Susan and Michael Chiarella: 763-5879. 3 miles. (Easy)
  • January 30 (Sat) – Cross-country ski to Morgan Pond from Twin Lake Villa in Springfield. Call Andy Hager 526-2846. 5 mi. (Moderate for experienced skiers)

Below is the remainder of the Winter 2010 hike schedule: Continue reading

SRK Greenway Hikes Continue

srk hike 07

Photo courtesy of SRK Greenway Coalition. A group photo from a Fall hike in a prior year.

The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition reminds us that its Fall hike schedule continues this month. (See below.) And the group in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests will host a special hike to Silver Mountain in Lempster on October 18.

Participants are asked to call the hike leader two nights before to get the starting location and time, and are advised to bring water, sun screen, a hat, and a snack.

  • Oct. 10 (Sat.) Great Brook Bridge, New London, to NH 4A, Wilmot. 3.2 miles, Easy, 2 hours. Brian Faughnan, 603-526-7838.
  • Oct. 11 (Sun.) Springfield, NH Route 114, to Great Brook Bridge, New London. 8.4 miles, Difficult, 6 hours. Susan and Michael Chiarella, 603-763-5879.
  • Oct. 17 (Sat.) NH Route 4A in Wilmot to Wilmot Center. 4.4 miles, Moderate, 3 hours. Ken Aldrich, 603-526-2942.
  • Oct. 18 (Sun.) Silver Mountain and the Ashuelot River headwaters in Lempster: a joint hike with the Forest Society and the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club. 4 mi. Moderate. For info and carpool options, call Gerry Gold, 603-526-2857.

The SRK Greenway Coalition is a ten-town, all-volunteer non-profit organization with members throughout the SRK region and beyond. Greenway guidebooks are available at local book stores.

SRK Greenway Leads 16th Annual Walkabout

It’s time to take a hike or two, or perhaps three, five or seven. The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition will lead seven hikes this fall that are open to the public free of charge. The trails chosen are part of the Greenway’s 75-mile Emerald Necklace. Hikers will be able to go over Mount Sunapee, into Sunapee Harbor, to Morgan Hill, into Springfield and to Wilmot– travel high and low and along mountain trails, woodland paths and several Class 6 roads. To read more about it, here’s info from the recent SRKGC newsletter reprinted, in part, with permission.

The 16th SRK Greenway Coalition Walkabout will begin Saturday, September 5 and continue for seven Saturdays finishing up on October 17. Trails 1 through 7 are on this year’s schedule with 8 through 14 scheduled for next year. Details of each hike are listed below with the lengths and a general assessment of difficulty for each trail.

This year the Saturday hikes will usually start at 9:00 a.m. The leader will set the time and meeting place. If there is a rain-out, the trip leader will determine the starting time for the Sunday hike. All who plan to hike must call the leader by the evening before to get these instructions. Trip leaders recommend bringing hiking (or ski) poles.

Often some of our hikers don’t realize, prior to the event, that rough terrain and occasional steep sloops make it difficult for some to negotiate the trail. Using hiking poles are not just for sissies – they actually have many benefits. For a “pro/con” discussion on using poles, check this out at:

SRK Greenway 2009 Walkabout Schedule

  • Sat. 9/5 – Newbury Harbor to Old Province Road, Goshen, 5.4 miles (Moderate), Andy Hager 603-526-2846
  • Sat. 9/12 – Old Province Road, Goshen to Sunapee Town Hall,  7.3 miles (Moderate), Charlie Killam 603-526-4467
  • Sat. 9/19 – Sunapee Town Hall to Deer Hill Road, Springfield, 7.3 miles (Moderate), Ron Wyman 603-456-2347
  • Sat. 9/26 – Deer Hill Road to Springfield – New London Road,  4.1 miles (Easy), Cynthia Bruss 603-763-4570
  • Sat. 10/3 – Springfield – New London Road to Great Brook Bridge,  8.4 miles (Difficult), Mike and Susan Chiarella 603-763-4661
  • Sat. 10/10 – Great Brook Bridge to NH 4A, Wilmot,  3.2 miles (Easy ), Brian Faughnan 603-526-7838
  • Sat.10/17 – NH 4A, Wilmot to Wilmot Center, 4.4 miles (Moderate), Ken Aldrich 603-526-2942

The Greenway’s mission is to create and maintain a forever green, great circle of trail corridors and conserved lands providing walkers with minimally-developed access to the mountains, lakes, vistas and historical sites of the region. The “necklace” comprises over 75 trail miles, created  with the cooperation of landowners and local authorities, through the forests, over mountains and, where appropriate, via old roads, now unsuitable for wheeled traffic but more extensively used as much as two centuries ago. Maintaining the Greenway, improving its pathways and creating new ones, some to form links with other famous hiking areas such as Monadnock and Cardigan mountains, are undertaken by SRKG members. Your membership, and offer to help, will always be welcome.

SRK Greenway Posts to a TROG

The Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway Coalition now has a TROG, a trail log that includes a schedule of summer hikes. If you’re up and ready to go, today, August 1,  join Andy Hager on a hike at the Gile Forest to Morgan Pond. Note, it is of medium difficulty. Then on Saturday, August 8, the  Chiarellas will lead an easier outing, along Springfield NH Class 6 back roads. Another SRK event follows on August 15, a hike on the Ann and Marc Davis property in Springfield that will include a beaver meadow, views, and cookies. On Sunday, August 16, to celebrate Sutton Old Home Day, the SRK will do a morning walk on the  Old Province Road in Newbury and Sutton; the leader is Art Robbins. Then, on Sunday, August 23, Brian Faughnan will coordinate “brushing and blazing” on Trail 8 in Wilmot. For more information and the local contact info, visit the SRK Greenway Coalition TROG!

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