Sunapee Democratic Committee convenes March 5

The Sunapee Democratic Town Committee will hold its town caucus on Monday, March 5, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. at the Sunapee Middle School (music room), North Road. All registered Democrats are invited to attend and take part in electing town committee officers and delegates to the Democratic state convention held in June. For more information, contact SDTC Chair Sue Gottling at 603-763-5904 or

Sullivan County Dems hold ‘Cabin Fever Kick Off’ Jan. 14

Sullivan County Democrats will be holding a Cabin Fever 2011 Kick Off on Friday, January 14 at 7 pm in Claremont. State Senator Matthew Houde (D-Plainfield) will be the guest speaker. The gathering will be held at the Moody Building (2nd floor), 24 Opera House Square. This is a “pot luck party to kick off the new year and all democrats are welcome,” said Pat Kinne, chair of Sullivan County Democrats. For more information, email

Conflicting Interests: Republicans Investigate State Dem Leader | Front Door Politics

The most bitter political fight of the new legislative session could end up to be not over taxes or budget cuts, but a constitutional provision enacted in 1792. How that provision is defined at hearings this week could determine the fate of a Democratic House member from Manchester who could be expelled from the Legislature by the Republican majority.

via Conflicting Interests: Republicans Investigate State Dem Leader | Front Door Politics.

NH lawmakers convene this week amidst talk of gun ban repeal

“Like the start of any good game, formalities are on tap this week as the holiday calm lifts from the State House for the opening of the 162nd General Court. But some lawmakers will be busy even before those begin,” reports Front Door Politics in today’s Daily Dispatch: “Opening Ceremonies.”

Formalities: 1) Convening sessions for the House and Senate on Wednesday morning, including a joint House-Senate session in which Secretary of State Bill Gardner will report the November election vote totals for Governor and Executive Council. 2) Gov. John Lynch will be officially inaugurated to his fourth consecutive term on Thursday.

Bearing Arms at the State House: The Joint Legislative Facilities Committee has already made headlines. Last week, House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) said at a committee meeting that he wants to lift a ban on guns and other “dangerous weapons” at the State House complex.…Read more via Front Door Politics, the Daily Dispatch

Social matters in New Hampshire

This comes to you from the Daily Dispatch courtesy of Front Door Politics: “How much will social issues matter at the State House this year? New Hampshire’s budget is clearly at the top of the agenda, if this fall’s campaign promises bear fruit. But the bills filed so far indicate that social matters are on the table, too. Will the gay marriage law of 2009 be repealed? Will medical marijuana get a closer look? Will parental notification for teenage abortions be restored? These are a few policy questions that lawmakers will consider when the 2011 legislative session opens Jan. 5.” Read more via The Daily Dispatch…

Front Door Politics: Health Care Hubbub

Front Door Politics promises to “keep up on the pulse of New Hampshire’s health care and insurance debates this year.”

Yesterday’s Daily Dispatch reported:

Stopping federal health care reform is the goal of at least seven health care-related bills that will be considered when New Hampshire’s 2011 legislative session opens Jan. 5. We continue our survey of newly proposed laws with a snapshot look at the health care bills and some particular developments to keep an eye on.

No Thanks, Mandates: The most (in)famous health insurance mandate right now is the individual mandate portion — requiring people to purchase health insurance — of the recent federal health care reform law. Plenty of energy is now being garnered to derail this aspect of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Read more via the Daily Dispatch….

Capital Comments: First goal, do no damage

By State Senator Bob Odell

After the swearing in of Sunapee resident, Joe Mollica, as Chair of our state Liquor Commission, Governor Lynch came to my new office for an informal and unexpected end of year chat.  It was a slow day at the State House given it was just two days before Christmas and a good opportunity for the two of us to catch up.

The Governor wanted to make sure I had read a recent article in the National Journal magazine about New Hampshire.  The National Journal is a must read, highly respected publication for federal politicians and Washington policy makers.  The article the Governor was referring to is titled “The First State, Presidential hopefuls, take heed:  New Hampshire isn’t just a proving ground; it’s leading the nation out of recession.” Continue reading