Enjoy a few of our archived “Stories”… just click on the headline. If you have an interesting local story to share, contact Sunapee News.

Sunapee’s Harbor House Livery (via YouTube)

“My senior project about the past, present, and potential future of the Sunapee Harbor House Livery.” by Jack Berthiaume. Posted on YouTube in February 2013.

Magical realism, art by Kim Morrow Russell (April 2012)

Sit forward and enjoy the whimsy, the fanciful creations of Kim Morrow Russell of Sunapee.

Childhood memories, family life and “little moments” in time, as Kim describes them, are the inspirational foundation for her art. Read more…

Sunapee artisan stitches whimsical accessories from decorative discards

December 2010

Laura Piazza, Sunapee, and her mother, Gail Piazza, are the authors of Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook.

New Lyme Disease Cookbook Provides Recipes for Repair

December 2010 – Sunapee – For Laura Piazza, Sunapee, learning to live with a chronic health condition—Lyme disease—has opened a new chapter in her life, that of being a cookbook author and publisher. With help from her mother, Gail Piazza, Laura has just published Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook, now available from Peconic Publishing, Sunapee. Read more…

Scoop Shop Opens in Sunapee – It’s a Dream Come True

May 12, 2009

His Passion is Bandstands


Sunapee – March 8, 2009

A Visit with Selectman Leone on North Road

Richard "Dick" Leone outside his home on North Road. His old family home is up the road, to his left.

Richard “Dick” Leone outside his home on North Road. He grew up in the house up the road.

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Norman Edward Perkins (1911 – 2008)


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Peterson on his ski-ice boat

Peterson on his ski-ice boat

Sunapee, NH – March 3, 2009

Winter Winds Propel Peterson Across Lake Sunapee

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When a neighbor heard about the Sunapee News article about Zip Codes, powerful photographs and interviews featured in the Valley News, she pointed me to StoryCorp.

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories on NPR. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to profile Sunapee people, she suggested. It would help foster a sense of community, connection and understanding. It would allow us to share our history of people and places, experiences and ideas.

StoryCorps reminds us of the importance of listening to and learning from those around us. It celebrates our shared humanity. It tells people that their lives matter and they won’t be forgotten. Through StoryCorps, we hope to create a kinder, more thoughtful and compassionate nation.

StoryCorp is an independent non-profit project inviting people to participate in conversation and listen.

One Response

  1. I have one suggestion for the Sunapee news
    Start a classified section for all sorts of things
    list local tradesmen plumber,electrians etc
    list restaurants and other destinations
    if it catches on,these people can run ads
    and pay for them. Just an idea. I love the news paper

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