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Sunapee to celebrate its 250th birthday in 2018

logo-contest-flyer-colorSunapee, N.H. — Nearly 50 years ago, the town of Sunapee celebrated its bicentennial, and now the community is looking ahead to its 250th birthday.

The Sunapee board of selectmen recently approved the weekend of August 17-19, 2018, for the celebration of Sunapee’s Sestercentennial.

A town-appointed committee, chaired by Ron Garceau, has begun the planning. The Sestercentennial Committee is seeking ideas and community involvement from those living in Sunapee and those with ties to the town.

The committee is inviting artists, graphic designers, and creative makers to participate. A logo design contest is now underway. Contest rules are available via the town website. The deadline for design entries is February 15, 2017. Additionally, the committee is considering putting together a community quilt depicting scenes of Sunapee.

For additional information, contact Ron Garceau or any member of the Sestercentennial Committee. For committee updates, visit the town website and the event’s Facebook page.

From from The Story of Sunapee, by John Bartlett:

– On November 9, 1768, The New Royal Governor, John Wentworth,  by authority of King George III, signed his name to a deed of 23,040 acres of undeveloped land and recorded the same as the Charter of Saville.
– In 1781, Saville became incorporated as a township under the new name of Wendell.
– In 1850, the State Legislature changed the name from Wendell to Sunapee.

Flash Bash to showcase photos of Sunapee region

FlashBash Flyer InviteFlyer 2016For more information about Flash Bash 2016, visit

Renowned guitarist Pierre Bensusan to perform in Sunapee

Photo by TINA KORHONEN/ © 2011

French-Algerian guitarist, singer and composer Pierre Bensusan will be performing at a special concert hosted by the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse at the Sunapee Harbor House Livery on May 5 (from 7 to 9 p.m.). Photo by TINA KORHONEN/ © 2011

Sunapee, N.H. — French-Algerian guitarist, singer and composer Pierre Bensusan is coming to Sunapee this week.

The renowned artist will be performing at a special concert hosted by the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse at the Harbor House Livery, 58 Main Street, on Thursday, May 5, from 7 to 9 p.m. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. There is a $20 suggested donation for this event.

“Pierre’s music gives me the shakes. No other guitarist shares his strange gifts of sophistication, accessibility and downright joy. Even at its most complex, Pierre’s music only needs ears to be enjoyed,” says Leo Kottke of Bensusan’s music.

Bensusan’s name became synonymous with contemporary acoustic guitar genius, long before the terms New Age, New Acoustic Music or World Music were invented.

“One of the truly gifted musicians of our time – he plays the guitar as if it were the very soul of himself,” says George Winston.

For more information about this special CoffeeHouse event, visit:


Sunapee: Vintage clothing and costume sale to benefit local historic preservation


See related websites: Sunapee Heritage Alliance and Sunapee Historical Society

Mandeville and Richards to perform at Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse March 4

Mark Mandeville Raianne Richards will be be performing at the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse on Friday, March 4, 2016, at the Sunapee Methodist Church, Lower Main Street. The music starts at 7 pm.

Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards will be be performing at the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse on Friday, March 4, 2016, at the Sunapee Methodist Church (meeting room), Lower Main Street, Sunapee. The music starts at 7 p.m. Visit the CoffeeHouse website for more information:



Kevin Gardner talks New England stone walls at SRK Greenway meeting

Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner, tradesman and author of The Granite Kiss, will talk about New England stone walls at the SRK Greenway Annual Meeting on March 13, 2016, in New London, N.H.

New London, N.H. — Kevin Gardner, tradesman and author of the The Granite Kiss, will be the guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway Coalition (SRKG) on Sunday, March 13, 2016, at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Main Street, New London. Gardner’s talk will start about 6:30 p.m., following a potluck dinner and brief business meeting. The public is invited to attend. (See below.)

Gardner will cover a few of the main topics of his book about New England stone walls, touching on history, technique, stylistic development, and aesthetics.

In his talk, Gardner will explain how and why New England came to acquire its thousands of miles of stone walls, the ways in which they and other dry stone structures were built, how their styles emerged and changed over time, and their importance to the New England landscape. Along the way, he will build a miniature wall or walls on a tabletop, using tiny stones from a five-gallon bucket.

A lifelong resident of Hopkinton, N.H., Gardner is like a lot of independent rural Yankees; he’s been a jack of many trades, a builder, logger, writer, teacher, radio voice, even an actor and director.

For more than forty years he has been a stone wall builder in a family business widely known for traditional New England stonework, particularly for historic restoration of antique structures. In 2001, Gardner published The Granite Kiss: Traditions and Techniques of Building New England Stone Walls.

The program is open to the public. SRKG’s annual meeting starts with a pot-luck supper (5:00 p.m.) held in the lower level of the church. To contribute to the dinner, contact SRKG volunteer Jean LaChance (603-927-4345). If you are attending only the presentation, plan to arrive about 6:30 p.m.  For more information about the SRK Greenway, visit its website at