Upcoming programs at Sunapee Abbott Library

Program Calendar from Abbott Library

11 Soonipi Circle, Sunapee, N.H.

Friday – February 6 – 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
We’ll supply all the materials so you can make beautiful valentines for the loveys in your life! Everyone welcome!

Monday – February 9 – 6:30 PM
ADVENTURES with GRANDCHILDREN: How to Add Excitement and Memories to Your Retirement Years

Lynn Trainor, Sunapee resident & author of 4 books about adventure trips with his grandchildren, will give a 1 hour presentation on how to enjoy retirement through travel with your grandchildren & how to write memorable books about these adventures. Lynn began his adventure trips 5 years ago, loves the one-on-one time he has with each grandchild, & he would like to share how you can learn to enjoy a similar hobby. Lynn will present recommendations on how to plan your trips, how to write books about your trips, & offer his lessons learned from the four trips he has taken with his grandchildren. Please join us for and evening to expand your retirement interests.

Tuesday – February 10 – 6:00 PM
Are you so frustrated with homework that you dread evenings in your home? Is homework a battleground in your house? Would you like some help?

In this program, Susan will offer tips, tools and strategies for reducing stress around homework for all ages. This program will be interactive and you will be invited to share your real-life situations and struggles. Susan’s warm, caring nature and attentiveness to all participants will leave you feeling heard and understood. You will leave this program with new ideas and knowing that you are not alone in your frustration.

Susan Cowan Morse is an educational coach and consultant based in New London, NH. She enjoys working with students of all ages through a strengths-based approach. While her specialty is AD/HD and executive functions, she works with a broad range of needs.

Friday – February 13 – 3:30 PM
Come and read to our newest volunteer: Bumblebee! Bumblebee is a dog who loves when children read to her. Bumblebee is a 3 ½ year old miniature labradoodle and a certified therapy dog. Bring a book of your own, or choose one from the library shelves.

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