Kitewings ride spring winds on Lake Sunapee

Charlie Meding

Charlie Meding from Skinner’s Ski & Sport, Newbury, was one of almost a dozen “wings” out on Lake Sunapee last weekend. Taken late in the afternoon, this photo by Will Tuthill shows Meding doing a jump with his kitewing.

Last weekend, with March winds filling the air, the wings were out on Lake Sunapee.

And with some good wind this weekend, the kitewings will be back crisscrossing the lake on Saturday and, if conditions are favorable, on Sunday as well.

Once safe ice depths cover Sunapee, the lake attracts many winter sailors, ice boats, windsurfing rigs, kitewings and skate-sails.

First year kite-sailor Sylvain Barriere of Etna recently posted “Funky snowkite, New Hampshire 2013” that was largely filmed on Lake Sunapee.  See:

In mid-March, after returning to Lake Sunapee from  WISSA 2013 – 2.3-10.3.2013 Kalajoki, Finland, Will Tuthill, a frequent winter sailor on Sunapee, said “we came across epic conditions.”

“That Sunday afternoon the place was abuzz with Kitewings.”

KiteWings filled the air over Lake Sunapee

“Epic conditions” on Lake Sunapee in mid-March welcomed local winter sailors returning from WISSA 2013, the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association competition held in Finland.

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