MV Kearsarge is afloat!


Sunday, January 13, 2013, MV Kearsarge afloat at Sunapee Harbor. Photos by Charlotte Carlson, Sunapee.

The MV Kearsarge is afloat dockside at Sunapee Harbor.

Late yesterday, Saturday afternoon, salvage workers lifted the stern off the bottom of Lake Sunapee.

The restaurant boat took on icy water Thursday evening while at its berth, the town dock. The boat’s stern sank in about eight feet of water.

MVK_CC8“Still foggy, yet quieter at Sunapee Harbor on Sunday,” wrote Charlotte Carlson, Sunapee, who shares these photos. “You can hear the sound of the water pump and see the dinner boat now floating at the dock.”

Saturday the harbor was busy with hundreds of curious onlookers while the salvage crew worked throughout the day to raise the boat.

“A salvage team stabilized the vessel Friday afternoon using a sling wrapped around the boat and secured to a cable from a truck,” wrote Valley News correspondent Patrick O’Grady in the newspaper’s Sunday edition.

“Yesterday, divers placed several large airbags underneath the stern of the boat. When inflated, they began easing the boat out of the water, eliciting cheers from onlookers, many of whom were standing on the harbor ice.”

The owners of the Kearsarge (and its sister boat the MV Sunapee II), the Fenton family, expect to repair the dinner boat and have it in service for the summer.


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4 Responses

  1. So glad to hear the good news- Kearsage is afloat! All who hold Sunapee Harbor and the Dinner Boat “near and dear” need to take a sail together this summer and show our support!”
    Karla Elsaesser, NJ

  2. The sound heard on Sunday was actually a small generator used by a worker that was cleaning up the engines and getting them running again.
    The sound of the engines rumbling in the harbor again was amazing!

    There were no pumps required after the leak was found and plugged, and the boat has been floating on it’s own since Saturday evening with no further problems.

    The owner of the boats gave more information in this article below:

  3. Its up lifting its afloat..the two boats related to sunapee stay alive. Nice area to b in

  4. As a former summer resident and past crew member, I am so happy to see the dinner boat above the water line!. There are so many memories of working with Andy and Steve Pinkowski, Donna (now Mrs. Pinkowski) and others whose names escape me. Before sailing with the boat, we used to jump off a boathouse to make Capt. Steve ring his bell – a high point of countless summer evenings. May she sail again this summer.

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