Linda Tanner seeks House seat in District 9 – Sullivan County, N.H.

Sunapee resident Linda Tanner is a candidate for state representative in Sullivan County’s District 9, a floterial district that includes eight New Hampshire towns: Plainfield, Grantham, Croydon, Cornish, Newport, Unity, Springfield and Sunapee.  Tanner is the Democrat on the ballot and lives in the village of Georges Mills.  She is running against one-term incumbent Tom Howard (R-Croydon). asked both candidates in the District 9 race for voter information.

By Linda Tanner


I graduated from a small teachers’ college in Pennsylvania and was drawn to New Hampshire because of its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. I ended up staying, coaching and teaching health, health occupations, and physical education for 35 years at Kearsarge Regional High School. I stayed because I fell in love with the New Hampshire culture of rugged individualism, frugality, community, school, and state pride, concern for the common good, and the protection of individual and civil rights.

I appreciate the way democracy is citizen based in this State and want to be your citizen legislator.

Over the past few years, I have become concerned with the radical legislation being considered and passed in our State House along with the lack of civility and consensus.  I feel I need to be part of the solution, not sit on the sidelines and hope for common sense to prevail.

I’m running to restore balance, common sense, and to work for solutions for New Hampshire not create more problems by promoting legislation from a national agenda.  I will vote to represent my constituents.

I will:

  • Promote economic growth by giving incentives for hiring and keeping jobs in N.H.
  • Vote for equal and adequate public education as well as funding for the State university and college system based on reasonable, ear marked revenues.
  • Vote for affordable health care and women’s access to reproductive health services.
  • Vote to support our workers, police, firefighters, public employees, first responders, and teachers.
  • Be vigilant in protecting our lakes, forests, and our precious environment.

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