Sunapee will hold hearing on noise ordinance

Sunapee selectmen will hold a public hearing on a new noise ordinance on Monday, October 22 (7 p.m. ) at the town office building, Edgemont Road. You can view the draft ordinance at the town website or scroll down.

Town of Sunapee
[DRAFT] Noise Ordinance
By virtue of the Authority granted to the Town of Sunapee, NH pursuant to RSA 160-
B:10 and 160-C:6, the Town hereby adopts the following ordinance regulating
unreasonable noise:
I. It shall be unlawful in the Town of Sunapee to cause a breach of the peace
by making loud and unreasonable noises in a public place, or making loud
and unreasonable noises in a private place which can be heard in a public
place or other private places which noises would disturb a person of
average sensibilities,
II It shall be unlawful to cause noise disturbance between the hours of
10:00 pm and 7:00 am created by unloading, opening, closing or otherwise
handling of boxes, crates, containers, building material, trash cans,
dumpsters or similar objects.
III It shall be unlawful to cause noise disturbance between the hours of 10:00
pm and 6:30 am Monday through Thursday and between 11:00 pm and
6:30 am Friday and Saturday and 10:00 pm to 8:30 am on Sundays and
Holidays created by the following;
The operation or use of construction vehicles and equipment to include but
not limited to bulldozers, graders, dump trucks, backhoes, cement mixers,
power hammers, staple or nail guns, power tools such as drills, saws,
grinders, sanders, chain saws, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, lawn edgers
and hammers.
IV It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle, on a public
way or right of way, so as to make any loud, unusual, or unnecessary noise
caused by any one or more of the following actions by the operator;
misuse of power, exceeding tire traction limits in acceleration where there
is no emergency; misuse of braking power exceeding tire traction limits in
deceleration where there is no emergency; Rapid acceleration by means of
quick up-shifting of the transmission gears with either a clutch or manual
transmission or automatic transmission; Racing of engine by manipulation
of the accelerator, gas pedal, carburetor whether vehicle is in motion or
stationary and causes loud noise to emit from the exhaust,
V Exemptions from this ordinance shall include the following, Safety
signals, warning devices and emergency pressure relief valves. Noises
resulting from an authorized vehicle, when responding to an emergency
call or, acting in time of emergency. Noises resulting from emergency
maintenance work as performed by the Town, State or Public utilities, to
include the removal of snow or debris. Municipal maintenance work,
where the abutters to the work site, have been given prior notice of the
project. Any other noise resulting from activities of a temporary duration
permitted by law and for which a license or permit has been granted by the
Town. Snow blowers and other types of private or commercial snow
removal operations, Parades and public gatherings for which the Town has
issued a permit, or where a permit has been issued by the Sunapee Road
Agent for early morning transportation of material when the roads have
been posted by weight, Or the unamplified human voice.
Violations; 1. First Offense: Written warning
2. Second Offense: $250.00 fine
3. Third Offense and subsequent violations: $500.00 fine

2 Responses

  1. Earlier in 2012, the town passed a fireworks ordinance that is posted on the Town of Sunapee website.

  2. this does not seem to address fireworks…..

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