Sunapee Historical Society plans a “walk back in time”

The Sunapee Historic Society will follow-up its 2010 history walk along Lower Main Street with another “walk back in time.” This year the scene is Central Street in Sunapee.

Lots of interesting people lived on Central Street, according to Barbara Chalmers, Sunapee, a researcher for the event.

On the day of the event, July 28 (9 a.m. to noon), volunteers stationed street-side along the tour will assume the persona of people from Sunapee’s past… people with a connection to Central Street.

Outfitted in costume and versed from prepared scripts, the actors will relate their character’s personal history as well as town history.

The cast of characters will include: George Bartlett, founder of U.S. Hames Company; his son Ernest Bartlett, who built Indian Cave Lodge; Henry Goss, the town undertaker; Dr. Edwin Fisher, the town doctor;  Marcia Runals, talking about her father Albert Runals, who built the Runals House Hotel in the Harbor (predecessor to the Ben Mere Inn); Albert Stocker, builder of many homes, cottages and buildings in town; and John Young, an itinerant preacher with the leather tannery on the river. A supporting cast will add to the feel of Central Street circa 1900-1910.

The historical society will sell tickets for the tour.

The organizing committee meets at the historical society museum at Sunapee Harbor and invites participation.

For more information, contact Ron Garceau (

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