Sunapee Elementary runs on books!

Students at Sunapee Central Elementary School (shown here) with their “We Love Summer Reading” book bags started summer break ready to “move and read.”

The Literacy Vision Team at Sunapee Central Elementary School initiated a summer reading extravaganza that includes a “read and move” challenge.

On June 6, before the start of summer break, students were surprised with a kick-off event that included a presentation by storyteller Odds Bodkin. Also, students received a canvas tote bag designed by grade 3 student, Abigail Pollari. The book bag reads: “We Love Summer Reading.”

During an afternoon read-a-thon, students browsed through a selection of hundreds of new books and chose books to fill their summer reading bags. The Sunapee Parent Teacher Organization purchased all the books and bags.

Students were also encouraged to take the “Read and Move” challenge. They need to read for 30 minutes on at least 60 days this summer and “move” for at least 30 minutes as well.

Any students who complete the challenge will receive a special t-shirt designed by David Macaulay, an author and illustrator who visited the school in May. An added incentive, a one-of-a-kind bumper sticker will be given to students who have at least one family member join the challenge.

Visit the school website ( for more information and a calendar to track reading and moving.

The members of the SCES Literacy Vision Team, led by Reading and Writing Specialist Joanne Skarin, include: Debbie Shapiro, Gaila Kennedy, Jackie Keegan, Katie Blewitt, and Lesley Scheele.

“The team and the entire student and staff population of Sunapee Central Elementary School wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the SPTO for sponsoring this initiative,” says the release.

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