Sunapee school board likely to fill vacancy in August

A vacancy on the Sunapee School Board will likely be filled on Wednesday, August 1, when the school board next meets.

At the June school board meeting, members discussed filling the vacancy, said SAU 85 Superintendent Brendan Minnihan. For the appointment, the board is considering recent school board candidates.

In May, Ed Bailey resigned from the school board because of employment requirements.

Now serving on the school board are Shaun Carroll (chair), Kim Denney (vice-chair), Brian Garland and Paul Skarin, who was elected in March 2012. The other school board candidates this year were Maria Fair, Michael Ripley and Paulette Rowell.

The board also discussed others options, appointing a former school board member or opening the position to all. However, the board is likely to appoint one of the school board candidates to complete the term, which will be up for election in March 2013, according to Minnihan.

As customary, the five-member school board will not meet in July. Meetings resume in August. They are held on first Wednesday of the month in the library media center at the middle high school on North Road.

The school board over-sees SAU 85 with an enrollment of 453 students (pre-school through grade 12, as of October 2011) and an operating budget of $10.7 million for 2012/2013.

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