Transit of Venus party at Sunapee Harbor, June 5

by David Rowell

It’s a chance of a lifetime!

On June 5, 2012, one of the rarest astronomical phenomena will occur for the last time in our lifetimes. The transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth. The planet is seen as a small black dot against the large Sun.

The first known observation of this phenomenon was in 1639 and it has been observed five more times. After 2012, the next occurrence will be in another 115 years!

Arrangements are almost complete!

We have some exciting news to report! Students at the Sunapee Middle High School have been busily creating informative displays as well as pinhole boxes for viewing. There will be a telescope setup, a binocular setup, and over 100 viewing glasses available.

A few Questions and Answers

Q: When and where is it?

A: The transit will begin at 6:02 p.m. EDT. We will be in Sunapee Harbor at the Ben Mere bandstand. Hopefully we will be done setting up by 5:45. If you get there early you might get one of the limited edition Transit of Venus cupcakes!

Q: What if it is cloudy?

A: This would definitely be a bummer, but we are planning on projecting a live webcast from Hawaii. Please come anyway as the students have put a lot of work into their displays and are eager to tell you what they have learned.

Q: Will there be anything for little kids?

A: Why yes! We have organized a solar-themed craft for the kids.

Learn More…

  • About the Transit of Venus astronomical phenomenon, visit
  • About eye safety when viewing the event, visit the eye safety page.

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