Police detail info on summer parking in Sunapee

The Sunapee Police Department, in an open letter to visitors posted on the town website, details information about summer parking in Sunapee and Georges Mills harbors.

“Sunapee welcomes visitors all year round, but especially in the summer. We have a beautiful lake for swimming, boating and fishing. All visitors to Sunapee should enjoy their time here and leave Sunapee saying, ‘What a great place.'”

The letter specifies:

  1. No overnight parking is allowed in any parking area including any lot designated for boat trailer parking unless permission has been granted by the landowner.
  2. If you are launching a boat a Sunapee Harbor, follow the “Boat Launch Route” signs. Once your boat is launched, trailer parking is available in designated lots:
  • River Road/High Street gravel lot (available daily)
  • Town Office parking lot, Route 103B (available weekends only)
  • Sherburne Gym lot, Route 11 (available daily when school is not in session)

“These are the only three lots for boat trailer parking in Sunapee Harbor. If you park anywhere else, you will receive a ticket and/or be towed,” the police advisory warns.

“If you are visiting the harbor without a boat, please park in the parking areas provided in the harbor for vehicle parking. Please do not park along any road or street unless otherwise posted. Also note that some lots are limited to two hours and some to four hours. If you park along a roadway or in a lot that is privately owned, you will receive a ticket and/or be towed.”

The parking rules apply to Georges Mills Harbor, too.

As for swimming, Sunapee has two town beaches: Dewey Beach and Georges Mills Beach, which are for Sunapee residents only and their guests.

Sunapee residents get their beach permits at the Town Office, where they can get additional permits for guests and visitors.

The police department letters says: “The town beaches are checked on a regular basis for beach permits. If you are parked in either beach parking lot without a town permit / guest permit, you will receive a ticket and/or be towed.”

“We don’t want to give out parking tickets. It is both tedious and time-consuming for us, not to mention how unpleasant it is for you. Please read the signage posted at all of our town lots.”

The letter from the police department closes: “We want you to enjoy your stay here in Sunapee and return often.”

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