Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum opens contemporary gallery

On display in MKIM's new gallery: Talon and Horse, Shoshone-Bannock, Idaho -- an archival pigment ink print by photographer Annie Holt of Lyndeborough, N.H. (Photo courtesy of Annie Holt.)

The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, New Hampshire, opens a new gallery for contemporary art on May 1 with a show of Native American regalia.

Aln8baw8zow8ganal: Splendid Clothes, Splendid Traditions, the gallery’s first exhibit, will feature clothing and accessories as well as paintings and photographs through July 15.

Aln8baw8zow8ganal (al-non-ba-won-zo-won-gan-al) is the Abenaki word for traditionally made clothing; literally translated as Indian clothes.

Making and wearing regalia is a highly visible way of communicating identity and of connecting to tradition; many Native-themed arts revolve around regalia.

Crafted by Andy Bullock, this beaded hood will be on display. It represents the traditional headdress of the Wabanaki people. Andy, a Wampanoag, has beaded for 35 years. (Photo courtesy of Andy Bullock.)

The exhibit of regalia, accessories, paintings and photographs will include work from New England artists: Monica Alexander, Rhonda Besaw, Natalie Holt Breen, Andy Bullock, Chris Bullock, Liz Charlebois, Darryl Peasley, Tammy Bucchino, Annie Holt and Pam Tarbell.

Admission to the gallery is free. (Visit the MKIM website for museum admission prices.)

The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum serves as an educational and cultural center connecting visitors with Native American culture, past and present, and to encourage  respect for our environment. Nancy Jo Chabot is the museum curator. For more info, visit: or contact Executive Director Lynn Clark, (603) 456-3244.

Note: The “8” in “Aln8baw8zow8ganal” represents a unique sound of Abenaki language we do not have in English. It represents a nasalized, unrounded ‘o’.

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