Music at Sunapee Harbor

It’s a long-held tradition: music at Sunapee Harbor.

Although months away, the summer entertainment schedule for the Ben Mere Bandstand is now available. The Wednesday night performances start July 4.

Ben Mere Bandstand Schedule 2012 (PDF 90KB)

This got us wondering… about music long ago.

Local historian Ron Garceau shares this photo from 1923, music in the harbor, the “American Band at the Regatta – Louis Laramie, director.”

Garceau said the band may have been from Claremont, New Hampshire. He’s not sure. He’s also looking for another photo of the bandstand that was on the top of the rest rooms at the harbor.

The old Ben Mere Inn no longer stands, it no longer provides the backdrop for harbor activities.

Ben Mere Park and Bandstand, Sunapee Harbor, on a quiet April morning.

However, Ben Mere Park, across from the town dock, is a favorite community gathering spot.

The town acquired the property in 1977 and, 10 years later, built the Ben Mere Bandstand.

At the park’s dedication ceremony in August 1987, the Springfield Community Band provided the music.

If you have information about music in Sunapee, its history and present-day activities, please send it along.

Photo of the Ben Mere Bandstand by Charlotte Carlson, Sunapee.

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