Sunapee Sightings: Do you know where this is?

Do YOU know where in Sunapee this is?

And if you have an interesting story or history note about the location, send it along!

Leave a comment below, use the Contact page, or send us a message on Facebook:

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Carlson, Sunapee

The answer (posted on May 1, 2012): Atop the Ben Mere Bandstand at Sunapee Harbor.

2 Responses

  1. You’re welcome … It’s been an interesting project looking at my town through the camera lens. There are so many interesting places and people in Sunapee!

  2. Thanks to Charlotte Carlson for photo of the “Welcome to Sunapee” sign.
    The Beautification Cmte. commissioned the signs from artisan Peter Mauer.
    Everyone who volunteered to help with the “Secret Gardens of Sunapee” tours in 2003 and 2005 … especially the homeowners who graciously shared their gardens …. raised the funds that made the three signs welcoming all to our community possible. The daffodils were received in recognition of the Greenup Day efforts.

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