Sunapee area Tri-Town Assessing upgrades on-line system

The assessing department serving Sunapee, New London and Newbury has employed a new, interactive web application for on-line assessing data and mapping.

Go to:

Or go to the “assessing” page via the town website: Sunapee, New London or Newbury.

“The good news is we are upgrading at a lower cost to a new product that is more user-friendly,” said Chief Assessor Normand Bernaiche in the Sunapee Town Report.

The system provides access to all the basic assessing information you’d expect as well as important documents such as plans and deeds and aerial views. Also, one can download and print one’s property card.

The Tri-Town Assessing changed from Sustainable Mapping Solutions to Cartographics Associates, Inc., which produces the tax maps for all three towns.

The new system features:

  • Vision Appraisal property cards
  • More assessment information
  • Tax map and aerial views
  • Map layers: Public Works and zoning districts
If you need help with the new system, contact:
>> For Sunapee, Melissa Pollari, 603-763-2212, ext. 13, or
>> For Newbury, Denise Sherrill, 603-763-4940 or
>> For New London, Amy Rankins, 603-526-4821, ext. 20, or; or Linda Jackman, 603-526-4821, ext.10, or

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