Sunapee “coffeehouse family” seeks new members

Are you interested in community? Do you like to volunteer locally? Do you enjoy listening or playing music?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, read on.

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse has a call out for volunteers — people who would like to join the local “coffeehouse family” and help sustain the series.

Since 2004 the CoffeeHouse has been showcasing talent in Sunapee. It now operates September to June (on most Friday nights) at the Community United Methodist Church in the center of town. April 13 is the next night of music with Richard King and Jan Rosen.

A family style listening room

Its mission remains: “to encourage and foster the development of professional and amateur musicians” and “to provide a family style, listening room environment — a place where new and seasoned performers can offer songs and stories to an attentive audience.”

A handful of regulars, CoffeeHouse veterans, do the administrative work and organize open mic. They are looking for volunteers to join the ranks.

“No special musical ability is necessary, only an interest in the local music-family,” said Martha Naylor of Newport, who for five years has coordinated various CoffeeHouse activities. Naylor, who does not play music but enjoys the coffeehouse atmosphere, books the musicians, schedules the hosts, and does the bookkeeping. She wants to “ease off” on some of her duties.

Alan Carruth, a luthier from Newport, has managed open mic since 2007. It’s held on the last Friday of the month. He, too, would like to find others to help.

Bringing people together

The local venue brings together performers and appreciative audiences.

The community benefits by having access to a variety of talent, amateurs and professionals from the Lake Sunapee region and beyond, and having a gathering place to connect and share common interest.

The musicians, in turn, have an outlet where amateurs can hone their skills and where seasoned artists from the area can play near home and can even test out new material.

The Sunapee CoffeeHouse does not have a cover charge. The host for the evening passes the hat for the musicians and to help pay expenses.

Growing the coffeehouse family

CoffeeHouse organizers hope both musicians and non-musicians will respond to the call and help keep the series going and growing.

Interested?  Stop by and meet the CoffeeHouse regulars on April 13 or contact Martha Naylor at 603-863-1136 or, or visit

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