Mountain Spirit Institute names Ken Wylie to Board

Ken Wylie, from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, is Mountain Spirit Institute’s newest board member.

“The mountains are an experience that can change people’s lives. But more often than not, they are just another consumable — another peak to check off the list.”

“What people need now, more than ever, is to connect. And Mountain Spirit Institute helps people do that,” says Ken Wylie.

Mountain Spirit Institute offers outdoor, mountain and woodland adventures designed to foster one’s connection with nature, with one’s self and with others.

When immersed in the natural environment and away from technology, one’s focus quickly shifts to personal and cooperative coping skills.

Ken Wylie recently joined MSI’s board of directors.  The organization, which formed in 1998, is re-focusing its work on providing these outdoor experiences — outer adventures for inner growth.

Wylie is a veteran certified mountain guide from Cochrane Alberta, Canada, with many years as an experiential educator and program manager at Canadian universities and for Outward Bound Canada and Outward Bound USA.

Founder and Executive Director Randy Richards, of Sunapee, New Hampshire and Kingston, New Zealand, said Wylie plans to launch Mountain Spirit Institute in Canada as well as help guide the U.S. organization.

For more information, visit Mountain Spirit Institute.

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