Sunapee teams go to Mock Trial and Harvard Model Congress

On February 17 and 18, students from the Sunapee Middle High School Mock Trial team traveled to Hillsborough Superior Court in Nashua to argue a case on arson and felony murder at the Mock Trial Competition coordinated by students from the Yale Mock Trial Association.

Students from Sunapee met teams from Derryfield and Phillips Exeter Academy. Sunapee was one of 10 teams participating in this year’s Mock Trial.

SMHS Social Studies teacher Marcia Spencer congratulated the students on their performance.

For the prosecution, the attorneys were Connor Denney, Victoria Markarian, and Aaron Berube, and the witnesses were Alison Cassidy, Conor Curry and Emily Whittier.

For the defense, Mariah Tenney, Troy Fowler and TJ Wacholtz took the role of lawyers. Aubree Kozie, Sam Kimball and Sam Nosenzo were witnesses.

Spencer extended “special thanks” to those who counseled the Sunapee team: attorney coach Judge Ed Tenney; State Trooper Joe Villers, who helped with arrest and lineup issues; Fire Department consultant Dan Ruggles, who answered fire-related questions for us; and David McCrillis of McCrillis and Eldredge Insurance for his advice on insurance issues. Attorney Michael Shklar provided extra legal advice.

Harvard Model Congress

Students on the Sunapee Harvard Model Congress Team spent February 23-26 at the Harvard Model Congress, Boston. It is the nation’s leading government simulation program for high school students.

All of the students performed very well, Spencer said.

The Sunapee team included, as U.S. Representatives, Riley Denney, Troy Fowler, TJ Wacholtz, Victoria Markarian, Kylie Brewer, Megan Brewer, Aaron Berube, Jesse Dewey, and Josh Drummond; as U.S. Senators, Aubree Kozie, Emily Whittier, and Addy Cain; as members of the press, Connor Denney and Sam Kimball; and, as National Security Council member, Chief of Naval Operations Alison Cassidy.

“Special congratulations to Connor Denney, who won an award from the presidents of Harvard Model Congress for excellence in committee. Fewer than 100 awards were given in a conference of over 1400 students,” Spencer said.

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