Kitewings sail from Sunapee to St. Ignace

Kimberly Tuthill (shown here) sails a Kitewing on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire.

The Tuthill family leaves this week to attend the Ice & Snow Sailing World Championships (February 20 – 26) in St. Ignace, Michigan. William Tuthill is the WISSA North America president.

“Here’s hoping for a sporting and vibrant team to represent the USA at the World Championships being held in the U.S. for the first time is 17 years,” said William Tuthill after a recent outing on Lake Sunapee.  “Once again Lake Sunapee is proving itself to be a valuable training ground for sailors from all across New England.”

Enjoying Sunapee’s Winter Wind

This time of year people are out enjoying the lake, not just ice fishing as one might expect, but sailing and kiting especially on the weekends. They can often be seen north of the islands. And they are not just locals.

People come up from Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire to kite and wing on Sunapee, said Charlie Meding at Skinner’s Ski and Sport in Newbury, NH. Some enjoy just using a kite, others a Kitewing.

The Kitewing is a hand-held sail that can be used on ice and snow with normal downhill skis, a snowboard or skates.

This is not an extreme sport or at least it doesn’t have to be, according to Meding. It’s an alternative to skiing and skating and yet easy to learn.

And if you think this is a sport for only the young, think again. Kitewing customers are often 50+, active older people who want to enjoy the outdoors and like the low-impact nature of wind power.

Interested in learning more about the Kitewing? Contact Charlie Meding at Skinner’s Ski and Sport, phone 603-763-2303.

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