Center for the Arts announces series of art shows

Having developed several micro galleries in New London (NH), the Center for the Arts has announced its 2011 schedule for quarterly art shows, the first of which will open this May in three locations in New London…at New London Inn, Millstone Restaurant, and ZeroCelius.

Here’s a preview for May through July. These exhibits are expected to be in place by mid-week and a Gallery Crawl is planned for May 12th said Annie Ballin, executive director for the Center for the Arts.

At the New London Inn: Tom Pirozzoli

The newly renovated New London Inn on Main Street will open a Center for the Arts micro gallery in the library/living room where artist and musician Tom Pirozzoli will exhibit his work.

In a new series of art shows coordinated by the Cener for the Arts, the micro gallery at the New London Inn will showcase art work by Tom Pirozzoli starting in May. Shown here: Books by Pirozzoli.

A self taught artist, Pirozzoli spent much of his youth immersed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, devouring art books and filling countless sketchbooks and canvases. Later he traveled for ten years from Bolivia to Tibet recording his experiences in watercolor, pen and ink.

His love for the natural world, his appreciation of the post-impressionists, and an inborn connection to the Northeast brought him back to his roots where his work became shaped by a keen interest in the elegant simplicity and fanciful spirit of New England…..its architecture, landscape, furnishings and folk art.

Aside from the visual arts, much of Pirozzoli’s creative energy is devoted to music, with seven albums to his credit. His music has also been performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London and in Madison Square Garden in New York.

At the Millstone Restaurant: David Tibbetts

The Millstone Restaurant on Newport Road, a new addition to the Center for the Arts micro galleries, will see the works of watercolorist David Tibbetts.

I live in a small town in New Hampshire, where nearby ponds and rivers fill my pallet. I am a watercolorist who loves fishing, or perhaps a fisherman who loves to paint watercolors. – David Tibbetts

Tibbett’s portrayal of these ponds, rivers and rocks…. and of fishermen and their boats…. are ever changing and exciting to him, and to the viewer.

His work has been represented nation wide, featured in many national publications, as well as in his book Tight Lines. His work has also been juried by the Carnegie Institute, selected for a national arts and crafts exhibition tour, and presented at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

At ZeroCelsius: Loretta Barnett and Ann Feeley Kieffer

At the office building of ZeroCelsius on Main Street is a Center for the Arts micro gallery already known for its contemporary shows. This gallery will showcase artist Loretta Barnett and sculptor Ann Feeley Kieffer.

Barnett is a professor in the fine and performing arts department at Colby-Sawyer College in New London. Her art works are visual narratives that are based on still and time-based scenarios that are often not fully realized for the viewer until well after their first encounter.

Barnett has long been interested in concept-based sculpture that incorporates drawing, painting or photography and melds the intellectual and physical aspects of nature. Her current research focus is on the continued breaking down of the barriers between landscape as art and art as landscape and how we, as humans, connect with the landscape.

From her home studio in Wilmot, New Hampshire to foundries in Italy, Ann Feeley has created marble and bronze sculptures for more than two decades.

She and her late husband, sculptor William Keiffer, first set up a studio in the Boston Center for the Arts in 1984 and were juried into the New Hampshire Art Association that same year. Their extensive travels included several trips to Italy….in Carrara they worked in a marble carving studio, Studio de Nicoli, and later in a bronze foundry in Pietrasanta, which became an annual excursion until 1995. Together they created several public sculptures for permanent placement.

In between this collaboration with her husband, Ann Feeley had time for her own work, which focused on women and women’s issues. Her work is on display in Houston, Boston, Detroit and New York, and in private collections throughout the United States.

Because of the physical demands of marble, her first love, she has turned to sculpting clay, firing and painting it. The use of acrylic mixed with the sealant give the pieces a patina that looks metallic……is it clay or is it bronze?

Feeley describes her abstract sculpture as an expression of the unexpected and transformative elements of life’s experiences.

When I carve, open and shape the clay block, it evolves into a unique piece of sculpture, the result of a deliberately spontaneous method. The reliefs are a collection of memories from my childhood. – Ann Feeley

At CSC’s Marian Graves Muger Art Gallery

The Sawyer Fine and Performing Arts Center at Colby-Sawyer College will once again open its Marian Graves Muger Art Gallery for a collaborative show presented by the Colby-Sawyer Art Club and Center for the Arts.

This year the show, Viewpoints: Twenty Days in May Photography International with Bruce Parsons, curator, is open to New England area photographers who have been asked to present works of art that give emphasis to an unusual point of view; works that communicate or express an idea that goes beyond the photographic representation of objects or places. The exhibit dates: May 11 – May 31.

The Gallery Crawl – A fun day of art!

All of the above galleries will be open on Thursday, May 12 when the Center for the Arts sponsors its first Gallery Crawl covering many area galleries from New London to Sunapee and Newport. The galleries will be open from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. with refreshments being served along the way.  Don’t miss this fun day of art!

For more information visit or call 603-526-4444.

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