Legislators okay changes to NH court system

Last week the New Hampshire Senate approved the so-call “circuit court bill” sponsored by Rep. Gary Richardson (D-Hopkinton) that will revamp the state’s court system.

“The reorganization would bring lots of staffing and management changes and reductions, with an overall projected savings of almost $1.5 million in staffing costs in the next four years,” wrote Senator Bob Odell (R-Lempster) in this week’s Capital Comments. “Our state courts are going to look different in the future.  While there is no change ahead for the Supreme Court and our superior courts, the new state circuit courts will replace the current probate and district courts and the judicial branch family division.  Each county will have a circuit court.”

The bill awaits action by Governor Lynch.

Visit Front Door Politics for background info; the Daily Dispatch (posted an article before the Senate vote) that puts the bill in context.

You can read the text of the bill via E-Lobbyist, another handy site.

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