2011 Ice Out on Lake Sunapee: April 21

Ice Out on Lake Sunapee was Thursday, April 21, 2011. This photo taken on April 22nd shows large masses of ice continue to move across the lake. However, many shoreline areas, coves and harbors are open and free of ice.

April 21 is the 2011 “Ice Out” day on Lake Sunapee. Ice Out occurs when one can navigate by boat from Georges Mills Harbor at the north end of the lake to Newbury Harbor at the south end.

On Thursday in the late afternoon, Richard Osborne and his son carried on a long, family tradition and traveled from one end of Lake Sunapee to the other to determine the official Ice Out date. Richard has assumed the job from his father Artie Osborne who died in 2010.

Osborne used a 30-foot pontoon boat and made the trip without breaking ice.

Last year Ice Out was April 4. Official Ice Out records go back to 1869 and the town maintains a chart at the town office building on Edgemont Road.

Your Ice Out stories and photos are welcome.

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