Reveling in the snow…Sunapee in winter

Near Sunapee Harbor, the Sugar River filled with mallards. Photo by Jim Block.

By Jim Block

Winter in the Sunapee area is wonderful, and this year has been spectacular.

A friend from Boston comments that he is really tired of the snow, while most of us are reveling in it. There are snowshoe hikes along the SRK [Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge] Greenway, cross-country and downhill skiing available with minimal travel, and numerous other ways to laugh at the cold and play in the snow.

A driving tour around Lake Sunapee can be a rewarding excursion with or without a camera.

How many harbors and other locations are there on the lake with public access in winter? More than you might realize. I can think of ten quickly, and I am likely missing several.

  • I took some photos in Sunapee, Burkehaven, and Newbury Harbors in January and posted them HERE.
  • I also combined multiple images to create three panoramic photos that you can zoom into and explore in detail.  It is fun, especially if you have never experienced high resolution images on the web. They are located HERE.

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One Response

  1. If you think that people from Boston complain about snow, try the boating set from coastal RI! I am loving the snow, and just got back from land sailing with skis and a wing. Sailing up hill & skiing back down [extra powered by sail] – what’s not to love?
    The snow on Lake Sunapee is almost too deep. As February slips by and March comes in, Lake Sunapee will once again be king, with fast conditions and abundant ice.

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