Constitutional debate over federal health care action | Front Door Politics

A Constitutional showdown could be on the docket if New Hampshire lawmakers pass a bill set for a full House vote. The session has been cancelled tomorrow [February 2, 2011] due to snow, so the House will likely take up the bill next Wednesday.

(Photo: N.H. Attorney General Michael Delaney refutes the Legislature’s authority to demand that he take action against “Obamacare.”)

Republican-sponsored House Bill 89, which passed out of committee on a party line vote, would require the Attorney General to join some 26 other states in a lawsuit challenging the federal health care reform act passed last year. Attorney General Michael Delaney testified last month that the proposal itself was unconstitutional because the legislative branch can make laws but not tell the executive branch how to enforce them. He promised to challenge the law in court if it passes.

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  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK people!. The Insurance companies wanted nothing to do with any of this. They gave up ground by covering basic preventative care procedures such as physicals, pap smears, and other tests that were not formerly covered. They must have figured that this was the best place to give ground since it could save them money down the line.
    The dreaded “Obamacare” [ if you listen to Fox] is good for US and bad for the CEO’s of the insurance giants.

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