Carolina Wren finds Georges Mills feeder

“I have a Carolina Wren at my feeder [in Georges Mills],” writes Vanessa Bittermann Goold. “Who knew!?”

“This wren has been around since Christmas, and it eats from my suet and my seed feeder. If it can make it through this cold snap, I’m sure it will be fine.”

This message arrived yesterday (Sunday) just as an arctic blast was hitting the area.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers “cool facts” about birds.

For this small buff colored songbird, it says:

“The Carolina Wren is sensitive to cold weather, with the northern populations decreasing markedly after severe winters. The gradually increasing winter temperatures over the last century may have been responsible for the northward range expansion seen in the mid-1900s.”

You can view eBird sightings (for wrens and other species) via the Lab’s dynamic mapping system.

Backyard birding projects

If you’re a backyard birder or want to get started, here are some Cornell Lab projects inviting participation.

Also, NH Audubon’s Backyard Winter Bird Survey is coming up…February 12 and 13, 2011. (Read more via Sunapee News article: Guess who flew in for dinner?)

Winter feeding

NH Audubon reminds us that once you start your winter bird feeding, “it’s very important to be consistent. Empty feeders may cause hardship during extremely cold or stormy winter weather.” And if you’re going away for even a few days, they recommend that you have a friend check and re-fill your feeders.

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  1. i have a bird app on my ipad. it says of the Carolina Wren, “Range expands north when winters are mild and retracts south when winter is harsh.” its normal range is just into NH year round. This bird might be the hardy tail of the distribution curve.

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