2011 Town Warrant awaits Sunapee voters

When Sunapee voters gather for their 2011 Town Meeting, they will have 27 Town Warrant articles to consider including a petition warrant article that seeks to abolish the town’s water and sewer commission.

The deliberative session in Sunapee is February 8. Voting and Election Day is March 8.

Sunapee posted the Town Warrant on its website.

Sunapee News also provides it here: Sunapee, New Hampshire – 2011 Warrant Articles with petition (PDF, 197KB)

Seven articles propose zoning amendments that include changes to: the town’s zoning districts, erosion plans, sign regulations, line adjustments to non-conforming lot lines, and use of pervious materials in shoreline areas. Voters can discuss but can not amend zoning articles at the deliberative session.

Article 9 asks voter approval for a $2.8 million bond to upgrade the Sunapee Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is shared with New London. This would be Sunapee’s share of the project. Sunapee sewer users would pay for the cost through increased user fees. A 3/5th approval is needed to pass. The board of selectmen recommends passage.

New London Town Administrator Jessie Levine explains New London’s position on the wastewater treatment upgrade (including a brief history of last year’s Town Meeting votes) in a prior article posted on Sunapee News.

A $5.806 million town budget will go to voters this year, compared to $5.765 million approved at last year’s Town Meeting. If defeated, a default budget of $5.864 would be adopted.

Special warrant articles this year include requests to expend Capital Reserve funds:

  • $165,000 for a new truck and $36,000 for a sidewalk tractor/mower (highway department)
  • $50,000 to clean and line the concrete water tank on Harbor Hill (water department)
  • $385,000 to purchase and equip a pumper truck (fire department)

The selectmen recommend the Harbor Hill water tank project and raising $25,000 for town’s New Library Capital Fund.

Other articles, if approved, would raise monies for Capital Reserve and other town Funds. All were recommended by the board of selectmen.

  • $87,000 (fire apparatus)
  • $137,300 (highway and transfer station equipment)
  • $25,000 (town bridges)
  • $25,000 (town building maintenance)
  • $15,000 (conservation commission)
  • $5,000 (milfoil control)
  • $5,000 (used highway equipment)
  • $600 (cemeteries, coming from the Unexpended Fund)

If voters approve Article 22, the town would take $100,000 from the Hydroelectric Revenue Fund to pay down principal owed on the town’s Safety Services Building. Voters okayed similar action in recent years.

Maintenance of the ball field, Veterans Field, on Route 11 (including ditching, drainage and improvements) is the subject of Article 26. It asks for $34,000 for the project.

The last article on this year’s Town Warrant, brought forward by petition, seeks: “to abolish the current Water and Sewer Commission and place the Water and Sewer Department under the authority of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager, with an Advisory Water and Sewer Board?”

A majority vote of 3/5ths is needed for the change. Attempts to abolish the water and sewer commission via petition warrant article have failed in past years. In 2011, voters will be asked again.

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