Drawing class at Newport art center starts Feb. 5

Susan Parmenter, Sunapee, will teach a drawing class at the Library Arts Center in Newport during February.

Drawing is something we all do at age 3, yet as we get older it becomes a more curious process.

Drawing has to do with expressing what you see, and it can be challenging beyond words…challenging even at times for practiced painters. And that’s why drawing is the focus of an upcoming studio class at the Library Arts Center in Newport.

Painters who study and practice drawing often see the benefits in their paintings, says LAC instructor Susan Parmenter, who is leading the 4-session series titled Drawing Intensive.

Better drawing = better paintings

“Drawing from life is a good tool for fine tuning eye to hand coordination, and it trains your brain to draw what you’re really seeing rather than what you think you see….it really pays off.”

Class will meet on Saturdays (10 am to 12 noon) on February 5, 12, 19,  and 26.

Kate Niboli, the director of the Library Arts Center says: “This class is designed to meet each student at his or her personal level of  training and ability.”

The focus will be on seeing the form and creating the illusion of 3 dimension on a 2 dimensional surface through practice and fine tuning of technique. The main drawing medium will be graphite pencil, but other drawing mediums will be explored. Class tuition: $60.

This is one of several classes being held at the Library Arts Center this winter (and spring.) View the full listing of classes, for both children and adults, at the Library Arts Center website libraryartscenter.org

For more info and to register, email lac@nhvt.net or phone 603-863-3040.

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