Ice harvesting…from 9 am until the ice is in

It’s that time of year again…for ice harvesting on Kezar Lake in North Sutton.

Ice Harvest Day sponsored by the Muster Field Farm Museum will be Sunday, January 23…from 9 a.m. until the ice is in.

Volunteers will cut out ice blocks and deliver them up the road to Muster Field Farm, where they are packed in sawdust in the Watters Ice House for the farm’s summer events.

“Today we mostly think of snow and ice as fun for skiing, skating, sledding and other winter sports,” writes Debra Cottrell for The Heart of New England. “However, in the not too distant past, ice was considered the first important agricultural product of the year being harvested in January and February… Harvesting natural ice became big business in New England during the 19th century. The birth of America’s large scale commercial ice industry began in New England in 1805.”

Part of the celebration

As part of the ice harvesting celebration in North Sutton, homemade soups and snacks will be available in the Ryder Corner School House at Muster Field Farm. And Pete Lauridsen and friends will display antique cars converted to snowmobiles at Horse Beach, and the Sutton Ridgerunners will stage an Ice Day ride-in for all area snowmobilers.

Admission is free, although donations are much appreciated. The rain date is January 30. For info and directions, call 603-926-4276 or visit the museum website at

Warm up beforehand

If you want to warm up beforehand, take in the annual pancake breakfast sponsored by the Sutton Historical Society in North Sutton’s Free Will Baptist Church, from 7 to 10 am. It’s all you can eat: plain or blueberry pancakes, sausage, French toast, orange juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate.  $5.00 for adults, $2.50 for kids.  A $1.00 discount if you come by snowmobile, x-c skis or snowshoes. Same rain date as above: January 30.

Photo provided by Muster Field Farm Museum, courtesy of Gretchen J. Gudefin

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