They came from Maine to Michigan to ride the wind on Lake Sunapee

"There were 17 wings on Lake Sunapee this past weekend, and conditions were perfect on Sunday. The speed, motion, and carving sensations are as captivating as any skiing experience…." says Will Tuthill, president of the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA).

Last weekend, NBC Sports reporter Harry Cicma was on Lake Sunapee. He was here interviewing and shooting action footage of wing and kite sailors that had gathered from Maine to Michigan to support Dan Hill, the new North American distributor for the Kitewing, reports Will Tuthill from Rhode Island. Tuthill was on the lake last weekend, too, and sent along these photos.

Tuthill, president of the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA), and other winter sailors are regulars on Lake Sunapee.

Dan Hill, the new Kitewing distributor in North America, being interviewed by NBC reporter Harry Cicma, who was filming on Lake Sunapee last weekend.

WISSA looks at Lake Sunapee

Tuthill says Sunapee is an extraordinary venue for the sport and organizers from WISSA are looking at Sunapee as a possible site for a world championship event.

“The WISSA World Championships is the longest running international competition in the sports of windsurfing (ironic given that windsurfing is a water sport), wing sailing, and kite racing. This year’s event is in Finland, and the possibility that the event may one day come to Sunapee will be directly related to the level of community support. In the meantime, Sunapee will be a great venue for wing and kite sailors from around the region,” says Tuthill.

The Kitewing..."easy to learn, family friendly, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors in winter," says Tuthill.

The Kitewing

Tuthill loves the Kitewing and promotes it.  He says it is “amazing….there is nothing quite like it.”

“It’s a lightweight wing that resembles a hang glider. It folds up and fits into a ski bag for travel. When set up, the wing allows skiers to use the wind for skiing rather than gravity as is done at ski resorts.”

The wing flies thru the air allowing the skier to literally hold the wind in his hands.

Want more info? Contact KitewingUSA.

For more info about WISSA, visit

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