The Argus Champion is on its way back

“Argus Champion to begin publication” is the front-page headline in this week’s InterTown Record (January 11, 2011), a weekly newspaper serving the Kearsarge-Sunapee region.

Eagle Printing and Publishing LLC, which produces the daily Eagle Times based in Claremont, will bring back the Argus-Champion later this month, on January 25th. The Eagle Times covers the Twin State Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Eagle Times Business Manager J.G. Demers said the Argus will first take form as an eight-page insert in the Eagle, and it will published on the fourth Tuesday of each month, reported Katie Richardson, assistant editor of the InterTown Record.

A weekly stand-alone edition of the Argus Champion is expected to follow in May.

Veteran journalist Archie Mountain, Newport, will be the editor of the Argus Champion.

Eagle Times Publisher Harry Hartman will be the publisher and Cheri Bond, at the Eagle in advertising, will be the sales manager, according to the InterTown article.

One of the state’s oldest weeklies

Many in the Newport-Sunapee area remember well the old Argus Champion, one of the state’s oldest weeklies.

From 1823 to 2008, for 165 years, the Argus Champion chronicled the happenings of the greater Lake Sunapee region. In its later years, the Argus office moved out of Newport, to Newbury, and then to New London. It abruptly folded in July 2008. (At the time, Chelsea Conaboy for the Concord Monitor, reported on the story.)

A year later in 2009, Harvey Hill’s Eagle Publications filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as reported then by WMUR 9. Eagle Publications, at the time, published the newspapers the Eagle Times, the Message For The Week and the Connecticut Valley Spectator–and the advertising paper The Weekly Flea.

A Pennsylvania-based newspaper chain, the Sample News Group, then stepped in and purchased the Eagle and its associated publications. It involved a state guarantee loan of up to $250,000. (Reported at the time by Kevin Landrigan for the Nashua Telegraph.)

In the autumn of 2009, the Claremont newsroom of the Eagle Times returned to business under its new ownership.

Now, the Argus Champion is on its way back.

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    I initially began this letter as a complaint, but as I sit here and think about what it is that you do, I instead wish to send this letter to you as a “Thank You”, No facetiousness intended. I now realize, after taking a few moments to think about it, that complaining about what you do, is the same as complaining to the fire department for getting water in my house after they just saved it from burning to the ground. Simply… ignorant, and even… stupid.

    Thank you for keeping our roads clear of snow and ice so that we may, more safely, take our children to school. Thank you for clearing the snow off our roads so that we may go to work, and feed our families. Thank you for keeping our roads clear so that emergency vehicles may come to our houses to aid us in the event we have a stroke, or other emergency where we need them. Thank you for putting in those longs hours away from your own families, to aid in keeping our roads safe, and lastly, I want to thank you for giving me another reason to get outside and get some exercise to move the snow you just plowed into my driveway! Thank you for helping to keep me healthy!

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    Thank you Ms & Mr. Snowplow driver, you are appreciated!

    William B. Boyce

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