Double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan at Sunapee Coffeehouse Jan. 14

Acoustic double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan will perform at the Sunapee Community Coffeehouse at United Methodist Church, Lower Main Street in Sunapee on Friday, January 14 at 7 pm.

You’ve probably never heard anything quite like the music of Ian Ethan. That’s probably because not many musicians are tackling the double-neck guitar — at least not the way he plays it… The results of his exploration are stunning, beautiful, moving and expressive…be prepared to hear something like you’ve never heard before, to venture into wild and uncharted territory.” – Jen O’Callaghan – Nashua Telegraph / Encore Granite Sounds

Ethan began a journey into truly uncharted territory when he picked up this 18-string instrument in 2005 after leaving the Berklee College of Music. While most who venture to play the instrument are either baffled by or unaware of the possibilities, Ethan says it’s simply “the most effective and intuitive means I’ve found to translate into sound the things I’m hearing in my head.”

While Ethan’s performances are visually intriguing, according to the Coffeehouse release, it is not showmanship, but the sincere desire to accurately communicate the harmonically rich, multi-layered music of his composing (or “discovery” as he prefers to refer to the process) that impels him every step of the way.

At times intensely percussive and complex rhythmically, Ethan’s music is just as often spacious, delicate, and melodic…pulling listeners along with him…. “Into Open Land”– the title of his 2008 debut that features nine original instrumental compositions on the double-neck guitar.

The Sunapee Community Coffeehouse is an all-volunteer effort started to provide a listening room for professional and amateur musicians and appreciative audiences. There is no cover charge but they pass the hat for the musicians and to help cover venue expenses. Business and personal/individual sponsorships invited. For more info, visit

Listen to Ethan’s music via and YouTube…and at the coffeehouse in Sunapee on the 14th!

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