Sunapee clarifies town warrant posting

The 2011 warrant posted on the Sunapee town website last week is “only a working document that the Board of Selectmen will be updating and revising” said the selectmen’s office in a notice added to the town website and distributed via email this week. “The articles are a public document, but are a working public document….Sorry for any inconvenience. Any questions, please call the Selectmen‘s office,” the message said.

The town warrant in Sunapee has yet to be finalized which can change the numbering of articles and their order. Also, the board of selectmen has yet to vote “yes” or “no” on recommending certain ballot questions. The draft warrant posted last week also did not include proposed zoning amendments and other information that will be in the final document voters will consider at the town’s deliberative session in February.

In a blog post last week, Sunapee News alerted readers to the “draft” nature of the document, which the town has now removed from its website.

The selectmen meet for a regular session on Monday, January 10 and for the town budget hearing and a bond hearing on January 11. Both meetings will be held at the town office building on Edgemont Road and will start at 7 pm.

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