Sunapee rec department opens ice rink

Sunapee’s outdoor skating rink located behind the Ben Mere gazebo in the harbor village is open for the season and now has a warming hut thanks to John Gosselin’s Sunapee High wood working class of 2010. Rec department Director Scott Blewitt says the warming hut is un-supervised, but has lights inside and out and heat–both on a timer.

Managed by the town rec department, the rink has a new liner this year courtesy of the Sunapee Police Department and Santa Claus, according to Blewitt. The liner will help in maintaining ice quality. The Sunapee Ice-Master is Greg Kelley, who also received “special thanks” from Blewitt.

Here are the rules of the rink:

  • Please keep the hut and ice clean and safe.
  • Respect the signs. An important note, if you see caution tape, that means the rink is closed because of thin ice and to protect the new liner. (Under the ice is a $2,000 liner that can be cut if skaters use the rink when the ice is too thin.)
  • There are ice skates available for free use, and the rec departments welcomes donations of more skates.
  • Have fun!

For more information, contact Scott Blewitt via

Based on comments posted on Facebook, lots of local folks are already enjoying the rink. If you have a favorite Sunapee skating photo to share, send it along, or send us a YouTube video link.

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