Remember the rope tows in downtown Sunapee?

Remember when….the rope tows operated in “downtown” Sunapee?  The photo was taken by Lou Thompson, and “it looks like Charlie Boyce bringing a young girl up the hill,” said Ron Garceau, publisher of SooNipi Magazine.

See yesterday’s Sunapee News article—Lost Ski Areas in SooNipi Country

And to share your memories of skiing downtown Sunapee or learning to ski on a rope tow or at one of New England’s lost ski areas, just leave a comment.

The photo–Ski Tow Hill looking across toward High and Elm streets–comes to us courtesy of Ron Garceau, publisher of SooNipi Magazine, which chronicles the people, businesses, recreation, lifestyles and history of the area.

5 Responses

  1. Anyone remember the upper tow at Sunapee?

  2. That’s my father, (Charles A. Boyce) helping my brother up the rope before we were able/capable of using it by ourselves. This would have to have been back around 1961 to 63.
    At this time Mom (Joy Boyce) made all out winter clothing… as you can see by the jacket!

  3. I learned to ski the winter of 1965-66 at Mount Sunapee. Ski Tow Hill was fun to ski and fool around on with the other kids – the rope tow could be hard to hang on to all the way to the top, since it dragged on the ground if there weren’t many kids being pulled. The return side ran overhead from pole to pole on steel truck rims. Looked like an old tractor engine powered the loop of rope. Great memories! Thanks BBC

  4. My first visit to Mount Sunapee State Park was riding the rope tow. It was a blast, and all the folks at the Park were so friendly. I still remember the day, Joe who worked the rope tow, found my favorite tassel hat that I lost. We’ve remained friends ever since that day.

  5. Anyone remember Priest’s in Groton, Massachusetts? What a fun place to learn to ski! Rope tows, hot cocoa, the best steamed hot dogs, and all the skiing one’s young legs (and arms!) could do in a day. This was in the early 60’s. It’s listed on the website: New England Lost Ski Areas Project

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