Lake Sunapee attracts winter sailors…and WISSA

As winter comes to Lake Sunapee many folks think about skiing. Sailing is a summer sport, and skiing is for winter, but what if you could combine the two activities? In that case you would have snow sailing.

For years this was considered folly because the downward pressure of the mast would push any ski deep into the snow making forward motion impossible. When the windsurfing rig was invented, it wasn’t long before people around the world discovered that the lifting pressure between the sail and the ground would make ski sailing possible.  Since then, lots of things have happened.

Lake Sunapee, with its relatively large size, and high elevation–only 90 minutes from Boston–has been a natural for wind powered skiing. It has been a training ground for WISSA………

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Kite sailors back on Sunapee after attending WISSA

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