Birders ready for ‘Christmas Bird Count’

It’s fast approaching…it’s an annual event that stirs birdwatchers around the Granite State and across the US, Canada and other Western hemisphere countries. It’s the long-standing, annual Christmas Bird Count.

The count in the Lake Sunapee area will be held on December 18, according to Gary Stansfield, Goshen, the Lake Sunapee area CBC coordinator. Experienced birders and backyard feeder watchers are invited to participate.

The goal is to cover “as much of the [Lake Sunapee area] circle as possible,” Stansfield wrote in his email announcement to local birders. To team up with others in the area or be assigned a specific count area within the Lake Sunapee area, email Stansfield at To be an official participant and to receive the CBC issue of American Birds, the fee is $5.

For more information, go to National Audubon.

To learn the count date and how to take part in your area, visit: NH Bird Records.

The data collected by observers over the past century allow researchers, conservation biologists, and interested individuals to study the long-term health and status of bird populations across North America. In the 1980’s CBC data were used to document the decline of wintering populations of the American Black Duck, after which conservation measures were put into effect to reduce hunting pressure on this species. See more about how the CBC data have been used recently in Audubon’s Birds & Climate Change and Common Birds in Decline reports. – National Audubon

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