LCHIP Grants Go To 24 Projects Including Black Mountain

Mount Kearsarge and Black Mountain together form a picturesque and historic backdrop to several communities. View from near NH 11 and NH 114 in Sutton. Photo by Jerry and Marcy Monkman, EcoPhotography.

The Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) this week announced the award of matching grants to 24 projects including an  initiative to protect 1025 acres on Black Mountain in Sutton and Warner.

“LCHIP announced a $150,000 grant for Black Mountain, bringing the campaign over the $1 million mark,” said Forest Society Vice President for Development Susanne Kibler-Hacker. “Today’s total is $1,035,360. We have December 15 to raise the remaining $165,000.”

Read the Forest Society announcement.

Read more about the Black Mountain initiative.

LCHIP and the economy

This round of LCHIP awards invest in the protection of 13 historic structures and the conservation of 4317 acres of land, including 233 acres of farmland.

“Among the 24 projects, 90 people across the state will be employed, adding over $1,000,000 to New Hampshire’s economy,” according to the LCHIP announcement.

“LCHIP is about more than land and buildings,” says Rusty McLear, the LCHIP Board Chair. “The grants are a tool to help New Hampshire people protect the quality of life that we all benefit from.”

$1.6 million in grants

A total of $1.59 million of LCHIP money has attracted almost $28 million in total project value, LCHIP reports. Also,  this year’s match leverage of 1:16 far exceeds the 1:1 match required by LCHIP law (NH RSA Chapter 227-M).

Funds for the LCHIP grants come from $25 recording fees collected by county registry offices across the state, providing LCHIP with a base of statewide financial support and the opportunity to invest in all corners of the state.

Among other projects getting LCHIP funding are Potter Farm in Northumberland, restoration of the cupola on the Gilmanton Academy/town hall, and window and interior restoration to the 1907 Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library.

Read a related article: “LCHIP Speaks Up” via

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