SPTO Fundraiser Will Be Held at Sunapee Harbor Dec. 1st

The Sunapee Parent Teacher Organization is having a fund-raiser Wednesday, December 1st at Tattered Pages, 31 River Road, Sunapee Harbor. From 6 to 9 pm that evening, Tattered Pages–the local children’s book and toy store–will give 10% off all purchases and will donate 25% of all proceeds to the SPTO. One can also enter one’s name for a chance to win a Lia Sophia necklace.

This is the second year for the fund-raiser that benefits both shoppers and the Sunapee Central Elementary School (pre-school through 5th grade). The SPTO is now raising funds for an outdoor classroom, according to SPTO President Paulette Rowell.

For more information about the event and the SPTO, contact Paulette Rowell at paulette@dsri.org.

To print and share the flier (37KB pdf), click on: Tattered Pages-SPTO-2010.

Tattered Pages is owned by Sunapee native and long-time teacher Brenda Huff.  The shop offers books, toys, dress up, webkins, stuffed animals, games, puzzles, crafts kits, journals and more. Current hours are Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and Wednesday through Friday, 1 – 5 pm. (The SPTO event on Dec. 1st is 6 to 9 pm.) Phone: 603-763-2539. Tattered Pages is on Facebook.

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