Brookside Park—a spot rarely visited

By Jim Block

Almost all rush by a small, quiet Grantham park near Eastman. Those who stop to explore or read a book will likely appreciate the beauty of Skinner Brook, which empties into the North Branch of the Sugar River after first crossing I-89, joining Sawyer Brook, and then Stocker Brook. Brookside Park is along Rt. 10 about a mile north of Exit 13.

It is the moving water that attracts me to this spot, because I love to photograph moving water.  The “trick” is to put your camera on a tripod or other stationary support, get off “Auto” and onto Aperture Priority (not Shutter Priority), set your ISO as low as it goes and your aperture to the smallest opening (largest F/stop number). This will give you a long shutter opening and hopefully produce nicely blurred water and circular patterns where bubbles swirl in eddies like the photo here. It also helps tremendously to make the photos on a non-sunny day.

I visited this park earlier this month and made several panoramic images. These images are interesting because you can zoom in, pan around and see much more detail than is normally possible on a web page.  Try it.  You can find three photos of Skinner Brook at

While at this site you might explore other panoramic images or investigate my photography classes. I very much enjoy teaching motivated photographers who thrive on a lot of homework each week.

For more information, visit

2 Responses

  1. Wonderful images of water, Jim. The panoramics are great! Keep up the good work.

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