Who is Sunapee’s Oldest Resident?

Sunapee selectmen want help “to determine who our oldest resident may be” and who might be the next recipient of the Boston Post Cane. In October, Helene Nutting, the holder of the cane, passed away at the age of 101.

The Boston Post newspaper devised the Boston Post Cane award in 1909. Edwin A. Grozier, the owner of the Boston Post in the early 1900’s, started the practice for publicity purposes. His newspaper distributed ornate, gold-tipped canes to hundreds of towns in New England for honoring the town’s oldest male resident. Starting in 1930, women were included.

Many New England towns including Sunapee continue the tradition. And Sunapee still has its original cane, which is kept in a case at the town office building. Recipients receive a replica.

“The Town of Sunapee is proud to be one of the municipalities presented with a cane,” according to the recent town notice. If anyone has any idea who might be eligible, please call the Sunapee Selectmen’s office at 763-2212 or email frontdesk@town.sunapee.nh.us.

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