Sunapee’s New State Rep. “Excited about the Possibilities”

Republican Spec Bowers of Sunapee, the winner in Tuesday’s Sullivan County District 3 race for state representative, wants to help cut regulations and reduce the size and cost of government.

Bowers said he wants to pursue “smaller government and fewer services at a lower cost.” He said a majority of Americans want the same thing, and he cited four years of Rasmussen polling referenced on his website (

Bowers also wants to “reduce regulation” that is “totally useless and hurting the economy.” New Hampshire is “losing business” because of the regulatory environment…We are ranked as the 4th worst state in terms of the number of occupations that require licensing,” Bowers asserted.

In an interview with Sunapee News yesterday, Bowers said he is catching his breath after a tight election. “It was closer than I expected, in this year, when so many Republicans won. I worked hard, and am excited about the possibilities.”

Two years ago in the Sunapee House race, Bowers lost in the Republican primary to Harry Gale.

This time around, he defeated two-term incumbent Sue Gottling—one of many Democrats swept out of office in a General Election that put Republicans firmly back in control of both the NH House and Senate. In Sunapee, a one-town district, 25 votes (2%) separated Bowers (749) and Gottling (724).

Regarding legislative committees assignments, Bowers is interested in “ED&A”— Executive Departments and Administration—and commerce.

Through the use of letters to the local media and his website, “I intend to let voters know what I’m going to do,…and what we [Republicans] are doing in the House and Senate.”

As for his nickname, Spec: “It was given to me by my father before I was born,” Bowers explained. “ My real name is Spotswood, an old Scottish name.”

After visiting the area with his father for 50 years, I became a Sunapee property owner 10 years ago, Bowers said.

Bowers is currently the chair of the Budget Advisory Committee in Sunapee. He lives in Georges Mills and operates Georges Mills Cottages.

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