Sunapee Tax Rate Down – Total Property Assessment Up

Sunapee’s 2010 tax rate has now been set and it’s gone down to $13.63 per thousand compared to $14.27 per thousand in 2009. The figures (and comparisons to 2009) look like this: town $2.88 ($3.03), local education $5.70 ($5.89), state education $2.22 ($2.52) and county $2.83 ($2.83). Total 2010 tax commitment is $ 15,508,544 vs. $15,326,561 in 2009.

The total assessment of property in Sunapee went up over $63.7 million in 2010 to $1,146,386,470; it was $1,082,659,308 in 2009.

The town reassessed all properties this year; this updates the last town-wide reassessment done in 2005.

Sunapee sends out property tax bills semi-annually. They are due July 1st and December 1st. The town just sent out the second billing based on the new assessments and rates.

For more information including “frequently asked questions” and an on-line database, go to:

To view or download a state-wide list of total municipal property values and taxes. click on 2010 tax rate report (pdf) and, for comparison purposes, here’s the 2009 tax rate report (pdf).

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