Sunapee 2010 Election Results

Republicans overwhelmed Democrats in Tuesday’ General Election as a wave of red swept over the state. And that was true in Sunapee with the exception of Governor John Lynch. Looking at Sunapee ballot numbers, Governor John Lynch was the only Democrat to top his Republican opponent in an election that had 1511 or 54% of Sunapee’s 2733 registered voters casting ballots. Spec Bowers (R) defeated two-term State Rep. Sue Gottling (D) in the Sunapee House race, Sullivan County District Three.

Sunapee election results: see below or go to the town website. The ballot can viewed/downloaded (PDF 8.1 MB) by clicking here.

Governor: John H Lynch (D) 757 – John Stephen (R) 699 – John H Babiarz (Lib) 39

US Senator: Paul Hodes (D) 533 – Kelly Ayotte (R) 931 – Chris Booth (I) 16 – Ken Blevens (Lib) 17

Representative in Congress: Ann McLane Kuster (D) 625 – Charles Bass (R) 780 – Howard L Wilson (Lib) 35 – Tim vanBlommesteyn (I) 41

Executive Councilor: Beth Funicella (D) 459 – Raymond S Burton (R) 948

State Senator: Harold E Perkins (D) 375 – Bob Odell (R) 1082

State Representative: Suzanne Gottling (D) 724 – Spec Bowers (R) 749

Sheriff: Mike Prozzo (D and R) 535 and 788

County Attornery: Marc Hathatway (D and R) 512 and 783

County Treasurer: John Lunn (D) 496 – Mike Sanderson (R) 870

Register of Deeds: Sharron A King (R) 1114

Register of Probate: Diane M Davis (R) 1115

County Commissioner 2nd District: Ben Nelson (R) 1082

County Commissioner 3rd District: Ethel Jarvis (D) 519 – John Callum (R) 856

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