Sunapee Historical Society Hosts Fall Program Oct 27th

The Sunapee Historical Society Fall Meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 27th at 7 pm at the Sunapee Community Methodist Church, Lower Main Street.

“We’ll draw the lucky winning ticket for the lovely Lower Main Street painting that Barbara Chalmers painted during our Main Street Walk and then see a demonstration of our Magic Lantern projector and take a look at a selection of slides from the collection,” said Historical Society President Becky Rylander. “As usual, refreshments will be served.”

“And when you have a chance, go past the museum [at Sunapee Harbor] and take a look at our Halloween decorations through the door,” added Becky. “See if you recognize the familiar characters who have dressed up as ghosts?!”

Read related Sunapee News article: Sunapee Historical Society raffles painting

Read Echoes, the Historical Society’s Fall 2010 Newsletter.

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