Come if you dare to a Haunted Harbor Halloween


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There are some spooky things planned for Sunapee harbor. A Haunted Harbor Halloween will be held Sunday, October 31st. The invitation reads: Come if you dare.

Sunapee will hold its traditional trick-or-treating from 5 to 8 pm along Central Street and will close the road to vehicular traffic during that time. And there’s  lots stirrin’ at the harbor, as well.

Watch your step in the Ghostly Graveyard!   Jack-O-Lanterns will light your way, but beware of mummies, ghosts, and  things that go bump in the night.

Plans include the 1st Annual Wild Goose Chase, a digital camera scavenger hunt, a costume parade, games, and a haunted pirate ship at the town dock. (See below for details.)

This is the first year for the Haunted Harbor event which extends the town’s trick-or-treating along Central Street. Organizers hope to keep it low-key, more for community children and families. It’s sponsored by Project Sunapee, and has lots of people involved.

This week, Sunapee Middle High School art classes are painting store front windows. And the After School Kids program at the library are making decorations for the large tree at the harbor.

Other participants include the Sunapee Seniors, Sunapee Police Department, Appleseed Cruises, Wild Goose Country Store, and residents of Central Street.

To volunteer and for more information call: Cheryl Summerton, 763-4397

Haunted Harbor Halloween

  • Digital camera scavenger hunt for groups of four with a parent or adult driver. Register at Flanders Stage at noon.

  • Costume parade to the Ben Mere bandstand. Meet at the SAU parking lot at 4 pm.
  • Games and fortune-telling ’til 6 pm.
  • Haunted pirate ship, come aboard 5 to 8 pm.
  • Tailgate trick-or-treating, and…
  • Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble ….The witches will be casting a hocus-pocus spell as they brew eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat and other tasty treats at the Old Town Hall coven.”


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