Sunapee’s Abbott Library Posts Questionnaire for Voters

A questionnaire intended to survey public opinion about library space in Sunapee is now available at the town library and on-line at the Abbott Library website. The form is only for Sunapee voters who did not already receive a copy via the mail, according to the library website.

The library notice reads: “The recent mailing of the Library Questionnaire on new library space to all Sunapee voters resulted in a number of questionnaires not being delivered due to address problems in the voter database and postal rules. In order to accommodate those voters who did not get their copy of the questionnaire, additional copies of the questionnaire are available below. This form cannot be filled out online you must print it and then return to the library. Return by mail in an envelope addressed to the address on page 3 or drop off in the boxes located at the library or town hall. This form is only for Sunapee voters who did not receive a copy due to the mailing error.”

Abbott Library – Replacement Questionnaire pdf

Abbott Library also is seeking comments on its website. A wide range of suggestions have been posted to date. Visit: New Library Space Comments.

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